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2022 Nominees

Can You Hear Me?

Trio Orange


- Drama Series: Non-English Language

Can You Hear Me? is a dramedy that takes us into the extraordinary lives of Ada, Fabiola and Carolanne, three best friends who come from the wrong side of the tracks. Over the series’ three seasons, we witness our three heroines trying to cope every day with limited education, dysfunctional family life, and other harsh realities. To overcome these hardships, these three young women turn to song for relief and also as a means to an end. Singing helps them form a bond with each other during difficult times. Ada, Fabiola and Carolanne, though they couldn’t be more different from each other, are all wickedly funny. Whether it’s with a cutting retort, a tender gesture, or all-out chaos, they always manage to surprise us and shine a little light on a sea of darkness. Despite the show’s sober themes and troubled-reality setting, Can You Hear Me? remains a unique, funny and hard-hitting series.