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2022 Nominees

Telling Our Twisted Histories

Terre Innue, CBC Podcasts


- Podcast: Non-Fiction

Indigenous-led and owned production company Terre Innue, Inuk director Ossie Michelin, award-winning Mohawk actress Kaniehtiio Horn along with members of more than 15 Indigenous communities, offer us this podcast series infused with humor, insight, emotion and truth. To decolonize our collecive history and our minds one word at a time. We travelled 8000 km, visited 18 communities, met with more than 70 women and men of 11 First Peoples. More than 30 excerpts of music by Indigenous artists are featured in the series soundtrack.The podcast is now used in schools, universities and in the workplace.It is the object of an exhibition at the McCord Museum in Montreal and will soon have a book adaptation.On Apple, the series twice peaked at #1. Listeners's reviews were exceedingly positive. Launch tweet reached 391K. And music legend Buffy Ste-Marie tweeted: “Telling Our Twisted Histories reclaims Indigenous history in our own voices, providing a rich space to learn, reflect and grow."