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2022 Nominees

September Mornings

Amazon Studios


- Drama Series: Non-English Language

After leaving her hometown and birth name behind, Cassandra vowed to make no concessions in becoming that which she always wanted to be, what she actually is: a free and independent trans woman. After years going through hell, things finally seem to be working out. Cassandra lives surrounded by the love of her friends, has a boyfriend she adores and a job as a motorcycle courier in downtown São Paulo, in addition to a fulfilling her dream to become a cover artist for Vanusa, a famous 70s romantic singer in Brazil. And to top it off, she managed to rent a studio apartment. For the first time in her life, Cassandra has a place of her own! But there’s a great turnaround when Leide, an old friend, shows up with a boy she claims to be her son. Gersinho wants a father. Leide wants to share the responsibilities with someone. Cassandra just wants to be free. But she’s going to realize she doesn’t need to be alone in order to be free. And that letting go doesn’t imply in losing ever