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2022 Nominees

LEGO Star Wars Terrifying Tales

Lucasfilm LTD, LEGO, Atomic Cartoons


- Animation: Children (5-10)

Star Wars and Halloween are a match made on Mustafar. A creative collaboration between Lucasfilm Ltd., Atomic Cartoons, and The LEGO® Group, LEGO Star Wars Terrifying Tales has hauntingly hilarious frights and fun for fans of all ages, which make it a special worthy of a rewatch for years to come. In the special, tales told cover all eras of the Star Wars films, making sure there is something for everyone, no matter which Star Wars is a fan's favorite. Each of the three sub-stories pay homage to classic horror films, weaving different references and easter eggs from the genre throughout the special. The success of LEGO Star Wars Terrifying Tales lies in the wealth of animation experience from Atomic Cartoons and the brand knowledge from Lucasfilm Ltd. and the LEGO Group. Atomic Cartoons, Lucasfilm Ltd, and the LEGO Group ensured the cinematography, visual effects, and character animation was consistent with the quality and tone that fans have come to know and love from LEGO Star Wars.