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2022 Nominees

Lost For Words

Endemol Shine Australia


- Docuseries

During the research period of the series I discovered that more than 43% of Australians did not have the adequate literary skills required for everyday life! I was so surprised and shocked to realise what a massive societal problem this is in Australia. I knew then we just had to make this series and was very motivated to get it commissioned. It would allow us to tell this extremely important story and help start a national conversation that will lead to a heightened awareness of adult literacy and the challenges around it, and ultimately lead to better government support. Thanks to SBS for also seeing the importance of this and commissioning the series. I feel privileged to have met the 8 brave students who took part in the literacy program. These adults have lived with shame, embarrassment, ridicule. They’ve been held back from achieving what they’ve really wanted in life, and felt that dreams were not for people like them.