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2022 Nominees


Black Sheep Film Productions, KAN: Israeli Public Broadcasting, WestEnd Films


- Comedy Series: Non-English Language

While Dismissed could be described as a dramedy series about female commanders in basic training, it would probably be better described as a chick flick in the Israeli army. Yes, our heroines have to carry a rifle and crawl in the dirt, but their issues are very much those which any young woman has to face: social hierarchies, sexual identity, friendship, ambition, and of course the occasional Iranian drone infiltration. At 18-years-old, our characters are put in charge of the lives of dozens of soldiers not much younger than they are – a huge responsibility which they are barely equipped to handle. While they are still finding out who they are, when facing their subordinates they must constantly pretend to know all the answers and never, ever, show any sign of weakness or doubt. If any of this sounds crazy – it is – but it is also a part of the coming-of-age story of most Israeli women. Welcome to the Israeli army: it’s like college, but with guns.