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2022 Nominees

Zero Chill

Lime Pictures, Netflix


- Live Action: Youth (11-17)

ZERO CHILL, created by Lime Pictures for Netflix, is about a group of young people who dedicate their lives to ice hockey and figure skating. The diverse and multinational cast helped to depict a close-knit community without borders – but this sporting arena still comes with strict rules and codes. The creators wanted to examine what happens when these characters put loyalty above those rules, and this is encapsulated by the partnership of Kayla and Sky. During the series, these two gifted skaters overcome various obstacles – Sky coming back from serious illness, and Kayla going solo after being separated from her pairs partner. But it’s when these girls skate together that the magic happens. Time and again, they are told that same-sex pairs have no future, but by the series finale they are determined to shatter those old codes. The performances of the entire cast all contribute to making this stance feel truly empowering for the young audience.