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2022 Nominees


Blumhouse Television, Yellow Dot Films, Discovery+


- Crime & Investigative

We live in a world where stories of sexual abuse often dominate the news cycle. This recent spotlight on sexual abuse is powerful and important, but we don’t just need awareness. We need education for the purpose of prevention. It's critical we learn about the process of psychological manipulation that perpetuates the abuse and protects the offenders: a process called grooming. In Groomed, we get intimate insight into the complex aftermath of sexual abuse and especially into the grooming process. By understanding the process, vulnerable children are able to identify the actions of a potential perpetrator, parents are better prepared to protect their kids, survivors are better equipped to relieve themselves of their shame and finally report their abusers. Groomed isn’t about someone broken and damaged. It is a story of hope, perseverance and determination to understand child sex abuse in its deepest sense. It’s a story so small in its intimacy yet so large in its implication.