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2022 Nominees


SBS Australia, The Feed


- Crime & Investigative

In 1986, a Picasso painting disappeared from Australia’s National Gallery of Victoria. Thieves openly taunted authorities with bizarre ransom notes. The country’s most expensive art heist soon triggered a devastating chain reaction. FRAMED is the result of a year-long investigation separating truth from rumors, re-examining ignored evidence in a crime that many still think of as a joke. The lead detective and gallery insiders speak out for the first time. FRAMED uncovers investigation files that even the police have lost. The series exposes how innocent victims were implicated in a crime they had nothing to do with. The Gallery did not want this story told and refused access to the painting and the building. So we commissioned a perfect replica and painstakingly recreated the 80’s gallery. FRAMED triggered a huge response on social media and won rave reviews as one of the best Australian series of 2021. It’s SBS OnDemand’s most successful digital original series ever.