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2022 Nominees

Alma's Not Normal



- Comedy Series: English Language

Alma’s not normal is Sophie Willan’s first narrative series, spinning off from her own childhood experiences, growing up in Bolton.Sophie manages to explore subject matter that is rarely shown on TV, with some emotionally hefty topics that are mined for humour without being made light of. Her authentic take on the world has an uplifting, hopeful quality. Unlike many depictions of the working class, she is never judgmental, she’s celebratory, showing the strength of the central female characters to deal with the hand they have been dealt. Amongst other topics, the series shows how mental health cuts have had an adverse effect on patients such as Alma’s mother as well as what happens to families when parents are sectioned. And how generations of working-class women get trapped by having kids too young with few opportunities to escape. Alma is Sophie's love letter to fellow care experienced people - to say ‘you’re going to be more than fine, you’re going to be fucking fabulous'