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2022 Nominees

FYI Special: 9/11 The World Remembers

Fresh Start Media


- Live Action: Children (0-10)

FYI: For Your Info is a weekly news show by kids, for kids and about kids. This unique peer to peer series for Sky Kids and Sky News follows a group of young people in the studio, on location in the UK and abroad - as they investigate the big stories of the week, and report on issues that directly affect children. the presenters write their own scripts and have a say in how they follow a story, but viewers also get their chance to report on how issues and events that affect them, and they get to have their say in debates on the show. Our viewers regularly get to interview the UK’s Prime Minister and other leading politicians and put their questions direct to those in power. The idea of FYI is to give children a place to go to get news and information safely, without the threat of fake news, we even expose fake stories - and FYI is a platform on which to tell their own stories and have their say.