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2022 Nominees


WarnerMedia Latin America, Dopamine


- Comedy Series: Non-English Language

Vladimiro, a middle-aged man who has lost the respect of his wife and children, only finds peace in an old bunker in the basement of his home; until fate turns him around and he lives a series of circumstances full of entanglements, action and fun. Taking refuge in his bunker, Vladimiro is no longer the lord and master of his family. But the walls that would resist a nuclear bomb are not enough barrier for a son, three angry women and an arms dealer who wants to buy his friendship. Starring Bruno Bichir, Miguel Rodarte, Ricardo Polanco, Liz Gallardo, Adrián Vázquez, Claudette Maille, Gisselle Kuri , Víctor Oliveira and Jesús Zavala. Directed by Joe Rendón and Esteban Seimandi is the scriptwriter.