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2022 Nominees


Infinity Hill, GCB Films


- Short Fiction Program

“Staged is arguably the only noteworthy thing any celebrity did during the first lockdown. It has the same knowing wink of people who recite Aristotle while drinking red wine in pubs…as a cultural artefact, Staged is going to be fascinating for many years to come, no other artform has come close to documenting those strange, gloopy, endless minutes you spend on a Zoom call…(it) will be shown in museums and be the subject of doctoral theses as proof of how mad it all got at the start of the 2020s. It blew audiences away: the depth, the self-mockery, how well-crafted it was. One of the best written (and yes it was written) series in a long time it is wry, witty, dramatic, fun and not to be missed. One wag said “scintillating, smart and seductively nuanced…A treasure trove of moments to revel in.” and another said of this dazzling delight “…in years to come it will be seen as one of the defining cultural legacies of this situation.”