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2022 Nominees

Please Help

Tiger Aspect Productions, BBC


- Short Fiction Program

Lucy created, wrote and starred in PLEASE HELP. She was also Associate Producer and had a very active role across the production ensuring the look and style fit her creative vision. Inspired by her own experience caring for her nan, Lucy created this show with authenticity in its representation of what it is to be a full-time carer. Lucy’s script doesn’t shy away from the real challenges of being a young woman caring for her grandmother on a daily basis, whilst still being laugh out loud funny and throwing in a mix of magic realism as well for added fun. It was a real challenge to blend such a mixture of tones and topics and Lucy managed it in her writing and performance and her overall creative vision, showing a maturity and sophistication far beyond her experience as a first-time writer and creator. It really is extraordinary what she achieved creating this show and its world with such an originality and clarity of voice.