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2022 Nominees

Documentary on One: L'Agression



- Podcast: Non-Fiction

L’Agression is an unflinching story of one woman’s struggle against a powerful industry and a police system that didn’t believe her. In 2012, Maureen Kearney was brutally attacked in her home in the suburbs of Paris and was left tied to a chair with the chilling message: “This is your second warning. There will be no third.” But when she reported the attack to the police, she was accused of making it up and she was charged with a crime. At the heart of this was her work as a trade unionist in the French nuclear power industry and a secret deal between China and France – a deal that powerful people did not want revealed. The attack would change Maureen’s life and leave her seriously traumatised. The police investigation and court case would traumatise her even further. This is Maureen’s story - a story of secrets and lies, of violence, of courage in the face of enormous adversity and most of all it is a story of one woman’s resilience.