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2022 Nominees

The Nature of Things: The Machine That Feels

Yap Films Inc., CBC, Arte France


- Science & Technology

The Machine That Feels focuses on one central question: in the flourishing age of artificial intelligence, what does it mean to be human? Directed by Robin Bicknell, The Machine That Feels explores how artificial intelligence (AI) is catching up to us in ways once thought to be uniquely human: empathy, emotional intelligence and creativity. As AI moves closer to replicating humans, it has the potential to reshape every aspect of our world – but most of us are unaware of what looms on the horizon. The Machine That Feels features interviews with global leaders, commentators and innovators from the AI field, including Geoff Hinton, Yoshua Bengio, Ray Kurzweil and Douglas Coupland, who highlight some of the innovative and cutting-edge AI technologies that are changing our world. If artificial intelligence is becoming more empathic, emotionally intelligent and creative, what does it then mean to be human?