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2022 Nominees

Black Liberators WWII

Yap Films Inc., Corus Entertainment


- History & Biography

Black Liberators WWII tells the heroic stories of Black Canadian and Caribbean soldiers who served in the Canadian Army during World War II. These little-told war stories reveal the amazing acts of bravery and patriotism of these soldiers all while they faced the sting of racism at home and on the battlefield. Director Adrian Callender invites audiences to uncover the stories that history has tried to hide while paying homage to the individuals that fought for their country and their freedom. With its premiere on November 11th, 2021 a day known in Canada as Remembrance Day, Black Liberators WWII became the first feature documentary in Canadian History to explore the contributions of Black Canadian veterans in WWII. Breaking new ground, Black Liberators WWII is a film that works to ensure that the stories of Black Canadian soldiers who fought to protect our country in WWII are never forgotten.