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2022 Nominees

12 Dates of Christmas

Objective Media Group America


- Reality Series

“12 Dates of Christmas” is a new kind of reality dating series - one that represents both queer and straight story lines while celebrating each one equally and on the same terms. The producers of the show set out to create what they describe as: “a big bells-and-whistles mainstream show about love, where gay love stories are at the heart of the show!”. The resulting series is a unique real-life romantic comedy that leans into movie references and the cheeky, beloved tropes of the rom-com genre, while being purposely inclusive and telling straight and LGBTQ+ love stories side-by-side. “12 Dates of Christmas” first launched on HBO Max on Thanksgiving 2020 to an overwhelmingly positive response from critics and the audience on social media. Season two, launching on Thanksgiving 2021, has built further on the diversity that has made this show a breakout success.