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Lido TV

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- Comedy & Variety

Welcome to LIDO TV, a variety show unlike anything you’ve seen. Created and hosted by Lido Pimienta, the artistic powerhouse and Polaris Prize–winning musician, this hilarious and thoughtful new CBC Gem series defies genre as it establishes a new creative benchmark for its format. Those familiar with Lido’s musical performances won’t be surprised that the series is layered, complex, wholly entertaining, and wildly funny. An expert at blending genres and influences—including from her Afro and Indigenous communities—the transnational star’s LIDO TV is a pitch-perfect show for the moment. Lido is a gifted storyteller who warmly welcomes us into her world, even while recounting difficult stories of her childhood in Colombia and her adulthood in Canada. Lido’s respect for and intimacy with her guests and audiences is evident. Amid the pointed social commentary and the cutting-edge humour, Lido’s inspirational generosity of spirit and profound kindness shine the brightest.