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2023 Nominees

The Devil's Lot: So Help Me Cod! (Le lot du diable: la conquête de la mer)

Zone3, Historia


- Competition Series & Game Shows

Historia channel’s most-watched epic reality competition is back for a second season. The Devil’s Lot offers a trip back in time to 16 fearless participants, who, under wretched conditions and using only technology of the day, will be put in the shoes of the courageous men and women who settled on the fishy shores of the Gaspé Peninsula after the Great Depression. Offering an original, entertaining and immersive way to shed some light on history and our ancestors’ accomplishments, this one-of-a-kind reality show highlights the beauty of our land and celebrates the aesthetics and genius of another time: basic tools, period clothing and very limited food. Which of these brave settlers will complete the mandates, face startling turnarounds, survive eliminations and walk away with the $100,000 grand prize? Winner of 3 prestigious Gémeaux awards, The Devil’s Lot reaches a diverse audience, from history lovers to fans of strategy games and social drama.