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2023 Nominees

Ice-Breaker: The '72 Summit Series

Adobe Productions, White Pine Pictures


- Sports Documentary

2022 marks the 50th anniversary of the 1972 “Summit Series”, one of the most significant events in Canadian history. ICE-BREAKER explores the subject with passion, diversity and an impressive cast of participants who offer unique analyses and untold stories. Wayne Gretzky, Ron Maclean, Margaret Trudeau, Harnarayan Singh, Angela James, Daniele Sauvageau, Terry Mosher and Gary J. Smith, among others, bring their perspectives to this entertaining, engaging film. An original concept by award-winning filmaker Robbie Hart, ICE-BREAKER is unlike other documentaries on the subject, uniting cinematic landscapes, poetic narratives and behind the scenes politics. ICE-BREAKER is a testament to Canadian diversity. Shot across the country, it gives a unique voice to Canadians who were directly involved or impacted by the Summit Series while telling the remarkable on ice battles of those eight iconic hockey games.