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2023 Nominees

Inconceivable - The Secret Business of Breeding Humans

SAM Content, SBS Australia, Screen Australia, Screen NSW


- Science & Technology

In this intensely personal film, award-winning investigative journalist Sarah Dingle takes us on a remarkable journey as she fights to uncover the truth about who made her, and how. Digging through hospital files, chasing leads and finally uncovering her biological origins, she was not prepared for what she finds. The deeper she delves, the more disturbing her discoveries – and the more determined she becomes to tell the real story behind a powerful multi-million dollar industry that trades on emotion but that is built on secrets and lies. Sarah is forced to confront her deepest fears about what she is uncovering - who really is her father, why were the records of her conception deliberately destroyed, and just how many siblings could she have? We hear often of the struggles to overcome infertility, and the joy that babies bring, but our film flips the perspective to a story that’s less often told – the pain of not knowing your origins and the costs of the fight to find the truth.