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2023 Nominees

The Grizzlie Truth

Crossover Films, Five One Films, Grand Scheme, Christie Street Creative, UNINTERRUPTED Canada


- Sports Documentary

"The Grizzlie Truth" flips the Sports Documentary convention of telling the story of the champions, of the winners, of the MVPs, and challenges the notion that history is told by the victors. In this film, it's the most losing team in NBA history, a team that only lasted 6 years before the rug was pulled from under them, who gets their moment in the spotlight and whose devoted fans who loved them in spite of all the losing, get to share their love of the team. This film also adds some spice to the documentary sports genre with its 'true crime' and 'mystery' elements, and with its ability to make audiences laugh and cry, just moments apart. Last but not least, director Kathleen Jayme is one of few women making Sports documentaries about male-dominated sports leagues like the NBA and she hopes this film will help other female filmmakers have opportunities in this genre.