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2023 Nominees


Glass Podcasts, iHeart Media


- Podcast: Non-Fiction

Betrayal garnered more than 10 million listeners and became the number one podcast in America for 4 weeks. It got to #1 faster than any other show in iHeart’s history. It started as one woman’s story but evolved into a movement. Successful career woman Jenifer Faison discovers that Spencer Herron, her attentive husband, a loving father, high school teacher of the year, Eagle Scout and Air National Guard member– is under arrest for sexually assaulting one of his teenage students. On top of that, Jen would learn that during their marriage he had over 60 affairs. The podcast addresses sexual grooming of teenagers head on. The Guardian newspaper wrote, “As the victim carefully describes the ways in which Herron manipulated her. It’s not explicit, but it’s clear from her interview how he was able to create situations in which they would be alone. The episode about how he charmed all the other pupils too is chilling.” Betrayal brings long-overdue taboo conversations out into the open.