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2023 Nominees

Gabby's Dollhouse

DreamWorks Animation, Netflix


- Animation: Preschool

There is nothing else out there in the preschool landscape quite like GABBY’S DOLLHOUSE, with its irresistible kitty characters, delightfully quirky adventures and adorable mix of live action, 2D, and 3D animation. Every episode “unboxes a story,” and Gabby leads preschoolers from room to room through the fantastical dollhouse. It’s the ultimate in dollhouse wish fulfillment: shrinking down and playing inside your very own dollhouse world. Gabby always encourages a “growth mindset” mentality. That means celebrating mistakes, never being afraid to “give it a go”, and believing in the power of “YET!” Bringing together kids’ love of unboxing videos, cats, miniature and dollhouse play, it’s the preschool series with a surprise inside that kids want to open again and again!