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Louis Theroux Interviews...

Mindhouse Productions


- Arts & Culture

Throughout his career the way Louis approaches his subject matter has evolved: from Weird Weekends to his harder-hitting documentaries of recent years, including his latest BBC documentary series Forbidden America. In Louis Theroux Interviews, Louis embraced a new format of factual television altogether including utilising a multi-camera set-up for the first time. By using a mixture of long-from interview and more immersive filming, Louis managed to get up close & personal with some of the most famous names in the UK. As a presenter he’s well-researched, smart and empathetic. His natural ability to put his guests at ease has elicited amazing insights into the worlds of those we think we know. It’s important to note that Louis remains much more than a presenter. As well as his talent on screen he is instrumental off it, from writing, researching & casting to his presence throughout the editing process. This leads to an unspoken understanding and trust that he has with his viewers.