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2023 Nominees

The Letter: A Message for our Earth

Off the Fence, Laudato Si' Movement Production, YouTube Originals, EarthX, PBS


- Environmental & Wildlife

In 2015, Pope Francis wrote Laudato Si’, a letter to every person in the world confronting the looming calamity of human impact on Earth and ourselves. It is one of the most ambitious and revolutionary papal statements in history, since it is directed not just to Catholics, but to everyone on the planet and it outlines the most critical environmental and social issues that we collectively face as human beings. The encounter with the Pope brought our characters close together, they shared an experience of a lifetime. Their journey continues into the forest in Assisi, Italy and something altogether more profound happens. The meaning they found was befriending each other. They have become a ‘new family’, connected by common experience. This widening circle of people, the audience of this film vitally included, are connected by a love for our common home. This connection to each other and our home is how we build the hope needed to solve the climate crisis.