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2023 Nominees


The Canadiana Project, The Bell Fund, Canada History Fund, Canada Media Fund, Parks Canada


- Short Form Non-Fiction Series

Canadiana is a documentary series on the hunt for the most incredible stories in Canadian history. Featuring playful animations and scenic footage, the series follows host Adam Bunch as he travels across the country, exploring the tales that have made Canada the unique place it is today. From scandalous love triangles to secret experiments, from rebels and freedom fighters to pirates and assassins, we uncover the fascinating and the unexpected. This isn’t the history you learned in school. Canadiana was created out of a desire to do Canadian history the right way, and in doing so bury the phrase "Canadian history is boring," because it's anything but. We passionately believe that Canadians actually are interested in their history. They’re eager to learn more about it — the good and the bad — as long as it’s told in an innovative and engaging way. And that's what we're dedicated to doing.