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2023 Nominees

Escape from Kabul

Amos Pictures Ltd, HBO, BBC, ARTE


- Social Issues & Current Affairs

Escape from Kabul tells the personal stories of the people present when the Taliban took over the Afghan capital and the chaotic mass evacuation it triggered. The event posed so many immediate questions - How does someone end up clinging onto the outside of a C17 aircraft believing this is the best way to reach safety? Why would someone throw their baby over razor wire to foreign soldiers? What led to such a moment? Our aim was to understand what this historic event looked like through the eyes of the people who were there, that meant finding and filming them. The film throws the viewer into the action, with the audience understanding the story when they need to rather than being overloaded with background information at the outset. We worked hard to tell the inside story of the Kabul airlift. For the people who escaped and those still stuck in the Afghanistan, I hope our film sheds some light on their terrifying experience.