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The Whistleblowers: Inside the UN

BBC Current Affairs


- Social Issues & Current Affairs

The UN is at the forefront of work to uphold human rights and promote global peace. But what happens when the fixer of the world’s problems is itself faced with allegations of wrongdoing and corruption? What happens when UN staff try to call out their own managers and colleagues? This shocking, methodical documentary uses first-hand testimonies to expose a toxic culture where abusers prey on the vulnerable – while hiding behind a cloak of saintliness. Ben Steele’s superb, rigorous, feature-length documentary, The Whistleblowers: Inside the UN tells you everything you don’t want to be true. Told by insiders with decades of experience working at the world’s top diplomatic institution, this film has incredible access to whistleblowers who make the case that this international bastion of human rights, the United Nations, promoter of “peace, dignity and equality”, whose members are protected by diplomatic immunity, is riddled with abuses of power, corruption and cover-ups.