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2023 Nominees


Sixteen South, Letko


- Animation: Preschool

Odo was created to sell into every country, to reach every kid in every home and tackle head-on much of the ugliness we've seen in 2020 and 2021 intolerance, mistrust, racism, silencing the weak, migration, bad leadership. And the biggest one of all – to promote self esteem and positivity which are the best weapons against fear, depression and anxiety. Anxiety and depression levels were 7 times higher in kids then than they were 50 years earlier. Fast forward to 2021 and these numbers are simply off the chart. Never has there been a more important time to create a breakthrough show which spoke to kids. And we did this through comedy, great design, great characters, a score that is as organic as the design and with a heart and messages of social responsibility and justice. We told stories dealing with racism, migration, adoption, death. We earned the right to do that through creating characters that are visually beautiful and charming and by hiring Black writers and Black voices