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2023 Nominees

The Heart of Cape Town (Das Wunder von Kapstadt)

Producers at Work Film GmbH, Mia Film s.r.o., DO Productions, ARD Degeto, ORF, Czech Film Fund


- Feature Length Film

"The Heart of Cape Town" not only highlights the 20th century's milestone event of the first heart transplant, but it also tells the compelling story of the individuals who were hidden in the shadow of this historical event. The combination of true-life experiences and skillful storytelling is what makes this movie truly captivating and engaging. The life of Hamilton Naki, who as a black man in an Apartheid state secretly helped prepare the first heart operation in Cape Town is not widely known or documented in medical history books. The fact that women in Germany had no career opportunities in surgery because of their gender, just like our fictional character Dr. Lisa Scheel, is a historical side note too. “The Heart of Cape Town” is a subtle and powerful work of counter-History that shed light on the hidden figures behind the historical events. This engaging and impactful story shows us the magic of cinema and brings all our hearts together.