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2023 Nominees

The White Lotus

HBO, Rip Cord, The District


- Drama Series: English Language

Returning for a second season, Mike White's (HBO's Enlightened) Emmy®-winning series The White Lotus follows various hotel guests over the span of a week - but with each passing day, a darker side of the picture-perfect travelers, hotel employees, and idyllic locale emerges. Now in their Sicily location, the White Lotus welcomes two couples trying to decide if they're friends or frenemies; a three-generation Italian American family exploring their Sicilian roots; and a White Lotus VIP (Emmy® winner Jennifer Coolidge) traveling with her husband (and assistant) in tow. Behind the scenes, the hotel's professional but prickly manager tries to keep two young locals - each striving to get ahead by different means - out of her luxury establishment. Diving into the vagaries of gender roles and sexual politics, season two of the acclaimed social satire promises to keep audiences guessing from week to week.