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2023 Nominees

Then Barbara Met Alan

Dragonfly Film and Television, One Shoe Films


- Feature Length Film

THEN BARBARA MET ALAN tells the true story of two cabaret performers, who met at a gig, fell in love, and became the driving force behind an unprecedented campaign of direct action that ultimately led to the passing of the 1995 Disability Discrimination Act in the UK. Their 'Piss on Pity' protest brings an end to patronising charity events. Their spontaneous pickets shut down inaccessible restaurants and train stations. And, handcuffing their wheelchairs to buses, they bring Westminster to a standstill until their civil-rights are won. Written by multiple BAFTA winner Jack Thorne and Genevieve Barr, the film stars BAFTA nominated Ruth Madeley (YEARS AND YEARS) as comedian Barbara Lisicki and Arthur Hughes (THE INNOCENTS) as singer songwriter Alan Holdsworth. This punky and irreverent film is Directed by BAFTA winning Bruce Goodison (ANNE, MURDERED BY MY FATHER, DR FOSTER) and BAFTA nominated Amit Sharma (CRIP TALES) with music by Chaz Jankel (THE BLOCKHEADS) and Alan Holdsworth.