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2023 Nominees

Stuff The British Stole

Wooden Horse, Wildbear Entertainment, Cream Productions


- Arts & Culture

Follow Marc Fennell on a globe-trotting, emotional quest for the truth as he unravels the twisted mysteries behind six iconic and priceless objects taken by the British Empire and meets those who want them back. The series takes audiences on a globe-trotting, emotional quest for truth, amidst bitterly contested histories. The episodes are as diverse as the Empire itself – each with a remarkable object at its heart. Over the series, Marc examines the stories behind some of the world’s most iconic and priceless relics including a scandalous diamond at the heart of the crown jewels that millions of Indians and Pakistanis claim was stolen. He reveals the wild heist of a Scottish relic that has been crucial to the crowning of almost every British Monarch right up until Charles the 3rd and he pieces together the mystery of arguably the most controversial artwork in Australia – a mosaic looted in the middle of a war that saw Britain and Australia clash.