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2023 Nominees

The Secret Genius of Modern Life

BBC Studios Science Unit


- Science & Technology

Secret Genius of Modern Life launched on BBC2 in autumn 2022 to an overwhelmingly positive response from press, social media and viewers alike. The Guardian’s four star review is representative of the feedback ‘‘Irresistibly contagious TV…Prof Hannah Fry is a joy and will make you deeply excited about the weirdest things’.It achieved an average audience of 1.7m per ep over 30 days beating the BBC2 factual average, with episode 1 reaching 2.1m. It also outperformed the factual average on metrics including ‘originality’, ‘thought-provoking’ and ‘quality’. Presenter, Hannah Fry, a professor of mathematics, has a deep understanding of science and technology alongside a naturally playful onscreen style. She’s the ideal person to explore the connections behind the objects that make our modern world possible in an intelligent and accessible way. The series delivered a fresh and distinctive format.