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2023 Nominees

Riding in Darkness (Nattryttarna)

Jarowskij, Cmore, Tv4, ZDFneo, DR, Wild Bunch, Film i väst, NFTF


- Drama Series: Non-English Language

Riding in darkness is a survival thriller with three women with different connections to one man, who all needs to find a way to get out of their tormentors grip. Will they be believed or can he manipulate the surroundings once a again like he has been doing for the last decade. Based on true story, that took place at an Equestrian farm in the 1990 in Sweden, the series presents an important story with a universal topic told by some of Swedens most talented female directors, actors and producer. Riding in darkness is a story who reminds us on the danger with abuse of power, exploitation of status and position, and what happens when the adults around vulnerable teenagers, choose to look away. Riding in Darkness is a powerful and moving story of courage, whistleblowing and big consequences. Family ties and the need of belonging is the heart of this incredible story, where unexpected help and new alliances emerge from the darkest times.