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2024 Nominees

Turtle Island Skate Jam

CBC Kids, Nations Skate Youth, Zenfri


- Interactive Children and Youth Content

Turtle Island Skate Jam is an action-packed skateboarding game from a uniquely Indigenous perspective. Its characters, artwork, and music are a celebration of Indigenous youth and skate culture. Game play is rich with tricks, speed and epic wipeouts! Turtle Island Skate Jam was developed in consultation with Nations Skate Youth, an Indigenous-led organisation in Vancouver, BC, that inspires kids and builds community through a passion for skateboarding. Landmarks in the game are modelled after real places of significance across Canada, immersing players in a world filled with Indigenous imagery from ribbon skirts to ceremonial drums. Non playable characters in the game feature elders and youth who send positive messages filled with fun language-based cultural nods to players as they skate their way through the colourful and exciting world.