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2024 Nominees


Sinking Ship Entertainment, Apple TV+


- Live Action: Children

Jane is a show on an environmental mission. Inspired and produced alongside iconoclast Dr. Jane Goodall and her institute, the series is created by Emmy winner J.J. Johnson (Dino Dana) and launched globally on Apple TV+ in time for Earth Day 2023. The live action/CG series follows 9-year-old Jane Garcia on fantastical adventures to help endangered animals that inevitably spill into her real world, giving Jane an opportunity to inspire her community. Reminding the audience, as Dr. Goodall does, that “every individual can make a difference.” Jane’s museum experience opened to a combined 1.38 million visitors at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History and the California Science Center. Jane’s Endangered Animal Guide released in summer 2023. From heartfelt stories featuring aspirational environmentalists, to interactive exhibitions and engaging books, Jane, like the show’s inspiration Dr. Goodall, aims to encourage kids and their families to take their first step to saving their world.