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2024 Nominees

Dumbsday (Dummedag)

Seefood TV, NRK


- Comedy Series: Non-English Language

Mixing comedy, satire, mystery and suspense, Dumbsday offers a new, unique take on the apocalypse. Wrapped inside it’s atmospheric direction, the series deftly balances the difficult tone between pitch-black humor, silly slapcstick, exciting thrills and genuine empathy, making Dumbsday bot a scathing satire, a tightly plotted adventure, and an emotional character study on archetypical people who have lost their way in our modern world. Driven by a superb cast tightroping nimbly between insipid comedy and engaging, relatable emotions, infusing their characters with complexity and nuance, Dumbsday makes us actually care. The show is never condescending, but it never lets its characters – and by extension, us – off the hook, either. As we saw repeatedly during the covid pandemic, the end of the world isn’t only terrifying, it’s stupid as hell, too. And if that isn’t a laughing matter, nothing is.