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2024 Nominees

A Kind of Spark

9 Story Media Group, BBC

Canada, UK, USA

- Live Action: Youth

A Kind of Spark was born out of neurodivergent book author’s Elle McNicoll’s frustration with autistic representation, particularly female autism, being underrepresented or misrepresented in the world. She wanted to see more stories with disabled characters that were not traumatic or boring, but fun and full of life. It was this ethos that guided the series development for the A Kind of Spark television series. It was critical for the series to build a production that had authentic representation throughout. For our cast, all autistic characters are played by an autistic actor. In addition, there were neurodivergent cast members playing neurotypical characters. Similar to our cast, we also built an authentic team behind the camera, with almost half of our crew being neurodivergent, including Elle who served as co-writer. Behind the scenes, we worked closely with all of our neurodivergent actors to be mindful of sensory or stimulation points in regard to wardrobe, hair, and makeup