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2024 Nominees

Vintage Heart (Coeur vintage)

Zone3, Radio-Canada


- Short Form Fiction Series

VINTAGE HEART tells the (mis)adventures of a wounded heart struggling to identify with its time. Passionate about literature, but trapped in a frustrating and monotonous life, 42-year-old Pauline clings to romantic dead ends to avoid facing her professional disappointments. At a crossroads, she calls on self-deprecation and the wisdom of words taken from others—found in novels, old films, and even karaoke songs—to make sense of her existence. Punctuated with second-person narration, endearing characters, and creative storytelling, the series breaks the fourth wall and playfully engages with romantic comedy conventions to offer a bittersweet perspective on ambiguous relationships, loyal friendships, and suppressed desires. Like a personal diary to keep close, VINTAGE HEART serves as a balm to soothe the quest for meaning… and find the words to finally fulfill oneself.