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2024 Nominees

Inside Our Autistic Minds

BBC Studios Specialist Factual Productions, The Open University


- Science & Technology

Autistic presenter Chris Packham took an original approach to neurodiversity in Inside Our Autistic Minds. Allowing autistic people to take charge of their own narrative in an innovative science format. Representation of autistic people on screen has often defaulted to stereotyping. The production team here instead chose to put lived experience at the heart of their storytelling. A radical difference of approach. Chris immersed himself in the everyday experiences of Flo, Ethan, Murray and Anton, observing and learning about the ways they sense and interact with the world. Together with leading animators, composers and creatives, Chris helped them bring their interior worlds to life in a set of deeply personal and innovative films. At the end of each programme the contributors' friends, colleagues and loved ones watched these visualisations, bridging the gap of understanding between autistic and non autistic people.