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2024 Nominees

Save Our Wildlife

Fresh Start Media, Sky Kids, Sky Zero, Sky News


- Live Action: Youth

Eight year old conservationist Aneeshwar Kunchala is demanding action to save our planet. Not just for us humans, but also for the wildlife that lives alongside us. In this children's documentary, Aneeshwar and five friends from around the world explore how our rapidly changing climate is threatening the survival of six iconic species. From Atlantic walruses to Royal Bengal tigers, green sea turtles to Monarch butterflies, bees to African elephants – this programme reports from five different continents to discover why these animals are in decline and what can be done to try and save them. Our team of young presenters discovers that these are creatures that could become extinct over the next fifty years unless we all take action to tackle the climate emergency. Our six reporters are all passionate environmentalists, keen to find out more about how young people can also play a role in helping to save our wildlife.