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2024 Nominees

Better Date Than Never

Northern Pictures


- Docuseries

The series was made with people from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds. In this instance, we refer to ‘culture’ as not only as ethnicity, but also Disability culture, Queer culture and Trans culture. The aim of the series is to create positive outcomes for both the participants and audiences alike. It’s a series celebrating differences, embracing uniqueness, and encouraging inclusion in mainstream media. It became the most successful factual series on ABC in 2023, having the highest audience number of any factual program on ABC iView and Northern Pictures' original format is now being developed in several overseas markets. The goal of the series was to facilitate participants to tell their own story, in their own voice, in the way they want it told. This was achieved by consulting with them throughout production. All scenes filmed were planned in consultation with the participant. No person was asked to film a scenario that had not been explained to them prior to filming.