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2024 Nominees

Once Upon a Time in Northern Ireland

KEO Films, Walk on Air Films, BBC Two, BBC Northern Ireland, PBS, The Open University, BBC Studios


- History & Biography

As the world moves into a period of increasing danger and hate, Once Upon A Time in Northern Ireland reminded viewers of the value of peace. How devastating it is to lose. How hard it is to maintain. How precious it is to our futures. The filmmakers wanted to record the stories of ordinary people from all sides of the conflict to engender more understanding and empathy. The series seeks to capture these lives in all their complex humanity, while deepening rather than diluting our understanding of history. The series garnered popular and critical acclaim on both sides of The Atlantic. “This unforgettable history of the Troubles is the documentary series of the year. The astonishing, soul-baring interviews are both a warning call and a beacon of hope” said the Guardian. Aside from its impact in everyday conversations, in homes and the press, the series continues to have a longer-term legacy. There are plans for the series to become part of the history curriculum in schools.