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- Social Issues & Current Affairs

When Evacuation premiered on Channel 4 in the UK, it quickly became a word of mouth hit. National papers from both the right and the left were unanimous in their praise of the “emotionally powerful” first-hand account of the evacuation from Kabul in 2021, giving 5 star reviews. Heralded as a new kind of programme genre, all three episodes played over three nights as a gripping documentary military thriller with personal testimonial. This showed a vulnerable and human side to the British armed forces and allowed people to see the war in Afghanistan from a different point of view. “Just occasionally, a documentary series makes you stop and rethink what you know of the world" - The Observer. This “gut-wrenching” and “astonishingly vivid” account of a bloody end to the 20-year campaign, showed first-hand what happens when you lose a war and the impact it has on the men and women who serve. “Give it your time, let it rip open your heart” - The New Statesman.