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2024 Nominees

Whale with Steve Backshall

True to Nature


- Environmental & Wildlife

The series stands out for featuring cutting-edge research and world-firsts, providing viewers with unique insights into the lives of whales. Notable examples include the deployment of a heart rate monitor on a Blue Whale using a drone and the exceptional communication between cameraman René Heuzey and Sperm Whale, Chesna. From the fascinating behaviour of Risso's Dolphins in the Azores to the remarkable wet nursing/alloparenting behaviour of Sperm Whales in Mauritius, the series adds valuable knowledge to our understanding of these creatures. Whale with Steve Backshall is more than a documentary series; it is a call to action, a celebration of marine biodiversity, and an exploration of the remarkable behaviours exhibited by whales and dolphins. With its cutting-edge research, and commitment to conservation, it is a testament to the power of storytelling in raising awareness and inspiring change for the betterment of our oceans and their magnificent inhabitants.