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Shakespeare: Rise of a Genius

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The overarching goal of Shakespeare: Rise of a Genius was to humanise the man behind the ‘genius’, and through telling his life story, illuminate and understand his art and world in interesting new ways. We started with challenging goals: (a) to create a compelling biographical narrative from the limited and highly fought over historical evidence of Shakespeare’s life (b) engage the world’s best Shakespearean actors, experts and special guests, to provide surprising new perspectives and insights into his life and work (c) create cinematic-quality drama vignettes that oscillates clearly and effectively between three realities – Shakespeare’s world, his imagination, and his plays on stage and (d) source and interlay the most accessible and captivating film archive of Shakespeare’s work, to highlight and explain his craft. Daily Mail: …. cinema-quality drama vignettes that are filled with excitement, as well as expert commentary from the stars who know his work so well”.