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2024 Nominees


BBC Studios, NOVA, WGBH Boston


- Environmental & Wildlife

Driven by the latest cutting-edge science, the production team consulted over 200 scientists and experts to shape the stories and the groundbreaking VFX sequences. Each film is framed around over 20 mins of photoreal CGI that recreates moments from Earth’s past, sometimes for the first time on television. These immersive cutting-edge CGI allows viewers to witness the dramatic moments when our planet’s future, and the life it nurtured, hung in the balance. The massive bombardments from space, extreme changes in climate and the collision of whole continents. Each episode introduces the Earth as an alien world, at a moment when it was going through a traumatic transition. From the moment its atmosphere was formed to the moment when it froze solid. The films tell the stories of the many hidden lives our planet has had and how those periods twisted and changed the way life evolved to create the world we know today.